Ok to change fan on powersupply?

not the first time I have done this. I got pcpowerandcoolings ultraquiet 400watt powersupply for my pentium4 system, after around 3 months of use the fan starting to not be so quiet with annoying squeaking sounds. The fan that was in it was a 12volt .15 amp fan, I had some external fans I bought from pcpowerandcooling that are 12v and .075 exactly one half the original fan in amps, it doesn't spin as fast so less air comes thru.

But this speed fan worked fine with my old 275watt powersupply with my p3-1000 in 95degree weather.

All the voltages on my 850MV are the same as before the change. What things should I watch out for? good and bad.
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  1. You can replace the Fan on the PSU but it voids the warranty. I would try to get a PSU replacement from PC Power and Cooling since it is still under warranty.
  2. I already made the change last night, can't keep getting new PSU's just because of a fan. The change was easy to do, what I need to find out is using a fan with half the amps is ok, hopefully some people out there that know this stuff can help.

    I been running the PSU since the change and had no problems.
  3. its not going to hurt anything (going on the assumption that the psu fan is powered by the same connection that powers the rest of the computer) it just uses less power. if the temp seems ok, it will be fine.

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  4. I called pcpowerandcooling today and I told them that the fan was squeeking and that's why I changed it. I also told them on the older 275wat supply the fan in that squeeked after 3 months same as this. Anyway this PSU has circuits that will make the fan spin faster as more watts is used or heat. But the're going to send me another fan like the one in the power supply.

    So I should be set.

  5. i owuld look into finding another supplier if you keep get problem but atleast they have good support

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  6. PC Power and cooling is one of best PSU manufaturer. It is more expensive than other PSU too. I would just exchange for a new one than replace with other brand's PSU.
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