Sapphire Radeon 7770 or

Guys, can you help pick a card, I can't seem to make a decision. I don't want to waste money on one card then discovering that the other one will give more performance at a reasonable price with respect to the first one..

Which one is better?
Sapphire Radeon HD7770
Powercolor Radeon HD7770

My system spec's is in my sig, I'm thinking of replacing my GTX 650 Ti since when I play Heroes of Newerth, Dota 2, and sometimes Assassin's Creed 3 my computer will randomly freeze and display green screen.. I'll just give my GTX 650 Ti to my brother and buy a new one. My auntie will buy me the card in Australia, Christmas present!!! :pt1cable:
Any suggestions?

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  1. If you can afford it a 7850 would actually provide you with tangible benefits. As the 7700 would be inferior to the 650Ti in performance.
    So if you can find a good price on a 7850 1GB or 7850 2GB card, that would give you some more juice.

    Other than that your issues sound more like either temperature problems ( not enough airflow in the case ) or driver related ( an updated driver might help ).
  2. I'm using 306.97 will beta drivers really help? I was planning to downgrade drivers.. :(
  3. The sapphire card. better clock, better manufacturer reviews, better ports.

  4. Sapphire!!! Powercolor sucks!!
  5. I thought HD 7770 is slower than 650 Ti? Or at least they have similar performance. So you won't get any performance increase by "upgrading" to HD 7770

    If you want better performance, maybe you should go for HD 7850 at least, or maybe 660 Ti or 670 if you prefer Nvidia :)
  6. I'm currently torn between the HD 7850 and HD 7770, if i get the 7770 I can get it before Christmas, the 7850 on the other hand, I think I can get it after Christmas if I'll get that card..
    Anyways, I tried the 310.64 drivers, there's a noticeable performance increase in Assassin's Creed 3, but at some parts the fps will drop to a 20-25, happened while riding a horse. Also some white sections appear, this happens quickly, like a blink of an eye but sometimes you can notice this happening.
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