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Radeon 6480G and MSI Afterburner

Hey guys, I'm new to the forums. Happy to be a part of this great looking community!

So I'm in a bit of a rut right now. I recently bought myself a HP pavilion G6-series laptop. This is the one with the A4-3305m Llano processor with the discrete-CLASS Radeon 6480G IGP.
I've been trying to get the most out of this rather hardy machine as I cannot afford much at this point in time, and I occasionally like to play a game or two. I've already bumped up the 1.9Ghz dual processor to a decent 2.5ghz without boost via K10STAT, and is completely stable and has given me no problems for the last week. 2.5ghz is not too shabby for a Entry-level laptop, with the temps only peaking 65c at peak performance.

Now I'm here to talk about the integrated graphics... I am well aware that this is an integrated "card" and there is definitely not much I can do about it. But I've been digging around and have been tinkering on MSI Afterburner to see what I can do in terms of increasing core/memory clocks. After agreeing and enabling UnofficialOverclock in AB's .cfg file, I ended up finding a stable core clock of 1ghz (temps reaching about 71c at the most) After originally only having 512mhz, that's not that bad. But I'm having a hard time with the memory clocks.
Being that I wouldn't mind some extra post-processing and what not, I'd like to increase the original 667mhz to something a tad higher. I can move the memory clock slider up and down and it records the numbers and everything, but according to GPU-Z and the monitors in AB itself, nothing has changed, both gpu stats (also should of mentioned this is an APU if you haven't figured it out yet, sorry.) Are still staying at 667mhz...

I'm not sure if this is a impossible feat to change the memory clocks because of this gpu being integrated (If only this thing had an PCI-E slot...) or it's just a software glitch and some other problem. I'm hoping you guys could help me out, got any ideas?

Thanks in advance!


EDIT: In case you need some specs

CPU: A4-3305m 1.9ghz
Graphics: Radeon HD 6480G
6gbs of DDR3 RAM
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  1. msiafterburner.cfg

    edit and change it to unofficialoverclockingmode 1
  2. As I said above, I have already agreed with the EULA and enabled unnofficaloverclocking. I've done both mode 1 and 2, and have not had any luck. Once again I can modify and change the core clocks but for some reason can't see the changes I do to the memory clocks in any hardware monitoring software. It always stays at 667mhz...
  3. Then that card is locked!
  4. As I presumed. But once again, how am I able to change the core clock but not the memory clock? I'm sorry, it's just a tad confusing.
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    The memory on the 6480G is infact your onboard system memory. To increase the memory speed you'd have to overclock your FSB/HT-Link.

    Good luck =)
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