HD 6870 good enough for build

Hi guys I am building a budget gaming and i want to know how good will the msi hd 6870 hawk or asus 6870 direct cu perform. I went with 6000 series because the prices on the 7000 series is ridicules here in South Africa. I might crossfire it in a month for a extra boost. Here are then rest of my specs.

intel i5 3470
msi z77a-g43
msi R6870 1gb GDDR 5 hawk twin frozr 3 or asus 6870 direct cu or sapphire hd 7770 ghz edition
8gb corsair vengeance 1600 mhz
600 watt gigabyte power rock
Raidmax super viper case

any help and personal experiences will be much appreciated.
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  1. My friend has a 6870, so I can tell you the benchmarks.

    FX 6100 with HD 6870 Benchmarks :-

    Sleeping Dogs (1920x1080 Highest possible Settings)
    FPS Test = 22 FPS average

    Battlefield 3 (1920x1080 Highest possible settings)
    2nd mission = 24 FPS average

    NFS Most Wanted 2012 (1920x1080 Highest possible settings)
    Open World = 29 FPS average

    It will differ in your i5 3470 (Increase performance).


    Don't get a 6870, as you said you'll crossfire that means you'll have more money in future, so save now and get a GTX 660 (A little costly, but cheaper than two 6870).

    My friend too said that he will Crossfire, but his GPU (HD 6870) is weak and when he'll get 2 of them, The performance of his Rig will not be able to cross my GTX 660.
  2. **My friends PC**

    HIS HD 6870 x two = Rupees 13,000 x two
    Total = Rupees 26,000

    FX 6100

    **My PC**

    MSI GTX 660 Twin Frozr III OC = Rupees 16,500
    Total = Rupees 16,500

    i5 3470


    My pc outperforms his. Why? Because he gets 38 FPS while I get 50+ Fps at average.
    I spent less but got better, hence I suggest you the same.

    Crossfire produces twice Heat but doesn't gives twice performance. So, get a better GPU.
    I suggest a GTX 660 Twin Frozr III OC, because it is better than GTX 660 Ti (Stock).
  3. I would suggest that you don't plan to crossfire in another month. Just wait and buy a better card. CrossfireX has often has driver problems when new games come out.

    However, the 6870 is not a bad card. It's what I've currently got and I use it to play Skyrim, call of duty, some older Bethesda titles, and games running the Source engine. . I play all of these on high settings (not that it means much in some games).
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