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After making a post last night I got some feedback and made another configuration with the AMD FX-8350. Now id like to point out again once more, my max price is $2,500. I want to also point out that im not trying to cut corners on parts, Im choosing pre-built because I not very smart at build these computers. I know how to maintain water cooling and know what my system is. Pretty much im asking if I should keep the FX-8350 or go back with the i7-8320? With the FX-8350 I was able to choose a nice motherboard around the same price of ~$2,200. Thats the price im comfortable with. I was also able to put in a 120gb SSD with getting the FX-8350. Please give constructive criticism.

The Build: http://www.cyberpowerpc.com/saved/1ET13B

One thing is for sure though, I cannot build my own. I dont know anyone who can, and company's around where I live seem shady and dont feel comfortable having them build me one.
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  1. What are you planning to use this for? :)
  2. fergusD said:
    What are you planning to use this for? :)

    Gaming and video editing. Run private minecraft servers. Battlefield 3 and whatever game I can through at it
  3. Woudn't go for the AMD CPU or the GPU you have chosen

    Try this - http://www.cyberpowerpc.com/system/Zeus_Thunder_1500

    It's $300 more than your current build - just let me know if that's going to break the bank and I can tone down a thing or two.

    By the way, are you planning to overclock this system yourself? (I'm assuming you are) - if not there is no point in investing in such a monster water-cooling system, the build I put together comes with a free 20% OC - but tbh, if you know what your doing you could push the i7-3770k to not far off it's max of 5GHz

    Hope this helps a little :)

    Oh, btw, when it comes to gaming, the GPU is far more important than the CPU - Although you need to watch for bottlenecking - the cards in your original build, although fine cards, for you budget there probably a tad underpowered :)
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