Mac os on a pc!

can v install mac osx on a pc or a laptop?
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  1. Not easily or "legally" but I believe people do.

    Google hackintosh, that is what people call them.
  2. And maybe have a google for 'EFI boot loader'...
  3. My brother got this to work on a Dell Laptop and it kept shutting down his computer because of heat, also he had HORRIBLE HDD performance.
  4. Given that neither were ever intended to work together are you really that surprised? There are many reasons why apple is still a solution and not SW provider.
  5. Works fine in VMWare.
  6. yes it can be done, depending on you hardware choice's it makes it harder or very easy to do.

    I am just getting into the world of mac, before now I wouldn't touch them. I picked up a g3 clamshell at goodwill for 2 dollars that came with the yo-yo and a dead battery. Other then that it ran fine. I upgraded the hard drive to a 30 gb and installed OS X .3.9 (It had OS 8.6) on it and upgraded the ram to 544mb and put a airport card in it and put a new battery in it. I have around $80 bucks into it, and it is letting me check out macs OS.

    I find ICP's version is nice to work with on Hackins, but do check out osx86projects site if your really interested in trying to build you own. Good luck
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