who's gonna buy an Xbox?

Who is ginna buy it and stop upgrading your computer, play games with smooth fps and great graphics? I AM!
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  1. Who's gonna hack the Xbox and turn it into a cheap Linux box? I AM!

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  2. whos gonna buy an xbox and play games on it- not me, I have a pc for games, a tv for tv.
    I wouldnt insult the penguin by making it go on an xbox :)

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  3. I am. It will be my instant gaming box. my PC will be for the traditional type PC games you cant get on an XBox and for SW Development Work.

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  4. Pish pash!
    It will be PS2 for me, not a disgusting xbox!

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  5. ill stick with me faithful athlon :)

    Next time you wave - use all your fingers
  6. At first, I didn't really plan to get one.

    Then I saw that it would have Jet Grind Radio Future - Jet Grind Radio is quite possibly the coolest game ever made. So now I'll probably get one.

    The XBox will never replace the PC for gaming though. Certain things are better on consoles - Action type games, sports games, etc. I like these kinds of games.

    Other types of games are better on the PC - First Person Shooters, for example. A gamepad simply can't give you the control a keyboard and mouse does.

    PC games also have a major advantage in ease of network play - All the major game companies have promised "on-line play", but none of them have delivered it in a manner that can reasonably compete with a decent internet connected PC.

    Phantasy Star Online is the only possible exception.

    Frankly, I like both console and PC gaming. But saying that one is better or that one will replace the other is like claiming that yin will replace yang - it just isn't going to happen :wink:

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