Wow, where do I/We start?
Several years ago, the government went after smokers, you know em, those nasty, stinky folk?
The ones that drop hpt ashes down yawning babies throats? Well anywho, thats how they were proclaimed at that time, much like those evil oil companies, where Nancy Pelosi proclaimed that the reason for such high gas prices was because of the Prez and Vice Prez at the time, now guess what, those same evile corps that want to kill off all people, choking them to death, create global warming and make us all poor are going to have to pay higher taxes, yea we won again, just like when we won when they raised the taxes on cigarettes, or did we?
Many states and local cities have decided that lowering the tax rates may induce more smokers, thus allowing for more taxes, tho supposedly this wasnt why these taxes were created.
Imagine if more and more people never start smoking, whos going to fill that huge hole in the tax take? The non smokers of course.
Now, whos going to really pay those taxes on gas?
Give me some answers to these things, as I see only 1 way out, and thats a smaller much less intruding government
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