Stupidest thing you ever done

Title says it all. What was the stupidest thing you did while on the job. Its good to laugh at yourself every once in awhile.

Here is mine. a few years ago I was on a tough spot on top of a house when I droped my cable strippers. I was nearly finish and only had to put an end on the one outlet, so used my knife to cut away the end of the cable to fit the connector. Unfornately the stinger had a tad bit of coating left and I didnt want to risk nicking it with my knife so used my teeth (was clean and not the flooded type of cable). Well little did I know that the outlet was still hooked into a Direct TV receiver that was plugged in. Gave me the shock of my life. LOL. I still laugh when I think of it.
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  1. Semi joking: Went to high school.

    College was easier, I learned more and faster, and the teachers treated me like a person.

    I wish there was a way to skip strait from middle school to college.
  2. There is sorta. Once someone turns 16 have them quit school and take the GED test. Then apply to college. As long as the student can pass the placement exams they can take the classes needed for there degree. Only downside is being younger in college so harder to make friends and hang out.
  3. How about the funniest instead? (my dumbest involves a half filled 20oz water bottle and a 1.5hr period at work. Do the math.) Where I worked at the time we had these odd keyboards where instead of painted on letters each key had a cap. On each cap was the letter. This meant you could just pop the caps off and put them back on however you wanted. So I did. (So helpful aren't I?) My target got so pissed off his computer not displaying what he was typing that he literally picked his keyboard up and threw it all the wall. He was a bigger guy, I was the only one laughing while everyone else was running for the exit.
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