Building a new pc. How should get internet?

Hey guys, gotta question for you. My parts for my rig are coming soon, and i am putting the new computer on the second story of my house. I need internet somehow. There are no cable jacks upstairs. My options are; somehow attach the Ethernet wire the the ceiling to go from the router, through one room, then drill a hole in the ceiling into the floor of the second floor, or use a wireless adapter (got any suggestions? i'm also new to adapters). Also, if i were to drill holes, would i want the coaxial cable being routed through the ceiling into the upper floor, or would i want to run the Ethernet wire up there?

Thanks in advance
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  1. Have you considered Powerline Networking? Its Ethernet that runs through your power lines. Here's an example from newegg:

    No drilling required, and it's faster than wireless.

    Additionally, running gigabit lines through your walls is nice, if you can do it without too much trouble. Often your router and wireless adapter will sit wherever your coaxial line comes into the house. Running Ethernet cabling (such as CAT5e or CAT6) is fairly cheap, and you can run that from your router pretty far before attenuation matters.

    Where you put your router is ultimately a matter of preference, but I would try to find a central location and then run ethernet cables from there.
  2. Thanks a ton man! i had never even heard of powerline networking! Is it just as fast as your average ethernet connection?
  3. Realistically, probably not quite as fast, but certainly faster than wireless. Belkin, for example has a Gigabit Powerline adapter:

    1000Mbps is as fast as they say it goes, but it wont be quite that fast due to interference. I'd check the reviews.
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