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Gigabyte Radeon HD7950 3GB Overclocked or Gigabyte GeForce GTX 660 Ti

I need a new graphics card and im not sure what card to get. I am certain i want one of these two but which is better? I will be getting it from pccg.

Gtx 660ti:

Radeon hd 7950:

Which is the better card. I am using windows 7 64 bit and will be playing a variety of games ie battlefield, skyrim, half life, borderlands, crysis, f1 2012 etc. I will want to overclock at some stage.

My current build is:
cpu: intel core i5 3570k
Mobo: asrock fatal1ty z77 performance
Ram: corsair venegence 8 gb
Psu: coolmaster 625w
GPU: asus radeon hd 7950 direct cuII ( yes i am getting a new card cause this has serious cooling issues.) :fou:
HDD; seagate baarracuda 1tb
SSD: intel 330 60 gb

If you strongly recommended a different card im open to other options but prefereably these two. Can you also only recommend gpu of

Cheers :)
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    I rather get the Radeon, perform better in some games and is also cheaper, but depend on what games though, look here, if you play those games that is faster on 660Ti, get the 660Ti, if not then get 7950
  2. 7950, Hands down, Price/performance always gets me.
    7950 is also supposed to be the head on competitor with the 670, which is why you see the two trading blows.
  3. That Radeon can go head to head vs GTX 670 with the latest drivers. So HD 7950 is better than GTX 660Ti.
  4. Also Grab this card, it is better for only 25 bucks more
  5. That HIS 7970 is over 12.3 inches long. make sure you've got clearance in your case before splurging on that piece of kit.
  6. technoholic said:
    Also Grab this card, it is better for only 25 bucks more

    l would but I have to get it from PCCG. Great deal anyway. Cheers
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