Building a custom PC Case from scratch!

Hi guys,

I would like to build my own PC case using aluminum and steel sheets. But I'm a complete newbie at this. I don't like acrylic that much, but I will use it one the side panel (no other part of the case). I was wondering if anyone here has ever tried building a case from scratch before. Keep in mind building a case from scratch NOT MODDING!!! My inspiration for the case is Corsair's Obsidian 800D case.

Could anyone help me with links to websites where there are measurements about the sizes of 5.25", 3.5", Back IO plate size, expansion card slot size, location of the motherboard standoff holes etc.

Any help/tips would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance!
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  1. This is a bit of a different question. However, I'm sure some of our more experienced system builders could help you out on this. I'll move this over to the Systems forum, as you'll get more responses.
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    also take a look at mountain mods cases on how they mount there mb and hard drives. mm cases are nice little boxes with a lot of screws. if your going to use powder coating for the case look for a local shop. there are grades of power coatings. some are thick like army jeep that are hard to scratch. also look at local trade school see if they have day or night classes using cnc.
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  5. Here are my process Building a custom PC Case from scratch
    In the video will find templates of motherboard, backplate, fan and 3D model

    - Made in metal
    - 160x240x300mm / 11.5L
    - Up to 4 hdd 3.5
    - Video card up to 290mm or 11.4 inch
    - Mini ITX form factor
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