Which Graphics card for my build?

Hello all.

Looking for a graphics card for my build. Im currently not playing any games on the system as im using just for other uses.

Im not going to be an extreme gamer. Not really fussed at getting the top quality resolution and max FPS etc etc

Just want something that will run games in HD with no lag.

Games such as

COD Black ops 2
Battlefield 3 single player
Max Payne


Case : Vantage Blue Gaming Case
Motherboard : Gigabyte H61 USB 3 Motherboard Technology
CPU : Intel Core I3 3220 3.3ghz CPU
Memory : 4gb DDR3 1333mhz Memory
Power Supply : 450 watt

Can anyone rec me one please? Dont really want to spend much more than £100. But then again these days if it means i have to then i will.

But £100 or less is a good budget for me. Thanks
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  1. Many Thanks

    Is there much difference between the 7770 and 7750?

    There is a bout £20 in price difference.

    What sort of settings would this allow me to play with based on getting this GFX and my system so far. It gets high ratings when i check the "Can you run it" websites

  2. Hmm... There is quite a difference, its worth extra money.

    Check here: http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/radeon-hd-7770-7750-benchmark,3135.html
  3. Hello.

    I went to purchase a 7770 today with three games from dabs but has now been removed from the website.

    Which 7770 would everyone suggest or is there a different better graphics card in the sales anywhere?
  4. hd6870 - an oldish model card now but still very powerful - it will blitz the 7700 series of cards completely by around 30% in performance - expect high/ultra settings in a lot of games at res of upto 1080p with your i3

    bang for buck I still think the best card around at the minute £110


    It has a high power drawer though,a 450w psu should be ok as long as its a decent one ,you should be looking at an absolute minimum of 20a on the 12v rails to run this.
  5. Thanks for you response. Bit more than i wanted to spend but if its going to do a better job.

    In terms of psu the one i have looks to be a basic unbranded and is very loud anyway. Could you rec a decent one to go with the graphics card?

    Pref more quiet the better and again not costing the earth? Thanks
  6. the psu is a very very good buy & will power any card around with that many amps on the 2x12v rails
    It has 2x pcie power connector which the 6850/6870 requires - its a very power hungry card - Id definitely buy at that price - you will be needing one no matter what card you buy.

    to put in perspective a hd6850 is the equivalent performance wise of the newer hd7770 (discount the hd7750 completely its underpowered compared to either of these 2) but requires around 25% more power

    out of 2 choices wth similar performance just price up a 6850 & a 7770 ,so long as both have 1gb of ddr5 memory performance is going to be very very similar - pick the cheaper of the 2 would be my recommendation

    the 6870 is 15-20% more powerful than either a 7770 or a 6850,the one I suggested is the fastest one around ,with a 15% factory overclock - I understand that having to buy a new psu puts it out of your price range a little.

    this one for £7 more than the 6850 is worth the money imo


    £130 inclusive for a card with that kind of power & a new cent qual psu is not to be sniffed at,youll have a very good gaming machine paired up with your i3 - id be expecting 40fps+ on most games at 1080p ultra settings once installed ;-)
  7. if you are thinking of getting a 6850 you might as well get a 7770 since it consumes much less power and you wont even need a new psu
  8. Get hd 7770 instead of hd 6850
  9. Thanks for all the replies.

    There seems to be a lot of HD 7770 about by different manufacturers.

    This seems to be the cheaper one i can find


    Would this one be ok ?

    I assume they all do the same thing just maybe with different coolers or look
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