Random fps drops for several minutes


When im playing games like diablo 3 and black ops 2 my fps random goes from 100 down to 5-30 fps randomly. Ill be playing for 10 minutes than this will happen for anywhere from 1-15 minutes than go back up. I have no idea why this is happening it never did before. Right when it happens my screen goes black really fast than the picture comesback in milliseconds. This doesn't happen when i play games like league of legends though

I have an alienware m18x laptop
2820qm 3.3ghz processor
Dual 460m GTX's is Sli
and 4 gigs of ram(which is fine for now)

I know for a fact that my laptop is not overheating it's always below 80C on the processor and gpu's during extreme loads
I have no idea why this is happening please help!!!!
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  1. it might be a driver crash. download msi afterburner and turn the on screen display options to monitor your video card's temperatures
  2. I do monitor my temp's and GPU throttles. My GPU meter says it doesnt throttle down and as i said my gpu temps are always below 80C
  3. Every post i've read that's semi related to this topic has not solved one person's problem with the fps drops. most every says its a temperature problem.
  4. actually my GPU's are downclocking randomly but i don't think it's because of heat
  5. Well it sounds like to me, if it worked fine for awhile before, and now its having some issues... I would rule out the software. Uninstall the nvidia drivers motherboard drivers, and install the latest and test, Nothing lasts forever. If its still happening then one card could be bad. Test 1 card, and play a game on low settings or medium perhaps, Whatever you feel. If the tests are successful with one card, then remove, and place in the other and test. Process of elimination. If they work fine individually with no speed issues. Then you know the cards are ok.

    Last step - Reinstall the OS, fresh updates, installs, reinstalled games with SLI enabled etc... And test.

    Best guess. OS, or 1 card is failing, Way out to lunch, the board could be going if temps are good.
  6. if your gpu clocks throttle it might mean your drivers are not stable, if your cards are overclocked then run them with default speeds
  7. okay on the dell website right here
    Which drivers should i download? No i need a new video bios or just the driver?
  8. no go to nvidia's webside
  9. So if i can play certain games without the problem do you really think my hardware could be failing? as in breaking?
  10. tried 3 different drivers didn't fix anything
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