Temperature paranoia?

Just need some confirmation on my new builds temperatures
These are temperatures while playing Far Cry 3 at Ultra video settings -
Quad Core i5 3570k @ 3.4ghz: Reaches no more than 69C (Around 30 when just browsing and doing small tasks.)
Asus GTX 660: Gets to around 70C (34 during small tasks.)

Do these temperatures sound okay? First build so pretty worried about it!
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  1. I'd be concerned. My gtx-680 never gets above about 45 degrees, even when playing at top settings. Are you using fans at full speed on oyur graphics card? There is software you can get that will let you change fan speeds on some graphics cards. I use Asus GPU tweak. Nvidia has one too. make sure your system case fans are positioned corectly. At least one fan should be bringing air in and at least one fan should be taking air out. Those fans are normally also capable of running at higher speeds. Your MBOD may have come with an app that will help control those speeds. U can also consider getting more fans, bigger fans, etc. You may even want to consider liquide cooling for that CPU. I am using the one from Intel and it works fine. But, it does sound like you need some more cooling in there
  2. 70c on the GPU is normal if its under full load, which it probably is. Don't get liquid cooling, you may want to change to an aftermarket cooler for the CPU, the one it brings isn't as good as it should be. My 212 Plus keeps my 3570k under 50c when gaming.

  3. The temps aren't in dangerous levels, no.
  4. I am missing one fan at the back which I plan to buy and fit soon, but as long as this will be fine for my machine until then I am happy.
    I am using GPU tweak but just on auto settings.
  5. Those temps are normal when using the stock heatsink. If you plan to OC at all then i would recommend either a big honking air cooler like the 212 plus or a closed loop liquid solution. IF: moving your case alot (go with liquid, less stress on MOBO) IF: stationary case (go ahead for the big honking air cooler). And 70 Celsius for a GPU under full load is not surprising at all, you really want to start freaking out if it gets into the 80's.
  6. Just a little advice..... Heat kills! You say these temps are normal, and in some opinions, they may very well be. But, when it fails in a year or so........due to excessive heat shortening it's life span...... It's too late then to do anything about it and it just makes good sense not to run it any hotter than necessary. BTW, I love my Intel liquid CPU cooler. it's whisper quiet and keeps my I7-3960X nice and cool.It takes up very little space and is very affordable. I have no idea why anyone would say not to get one. On your GPU tweak software, see if you can speed up your GPU fan.
  7. That's not excessive heat, it's well within spec.
  8. Thanks for all the replies, just a quick question; will increasing the fans use more voltage on the PSU? Because mine isn't of best quality, regardless of it being a 750w..
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