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Hey guys! I did a quick search and didnt find any solutions. I built a new comp a few weeks ago with an ASUS P8z77 Pro, I7 3770k, Corsair Vengeance 32gb ram kit, Samsung pro 128gb SSD and reused my 300gb barracuda HHD, 500w PSU and XFX 5770 GPU. I overclocked to 4.4ghz and it ran fine then I reset to defaults to try the ASUS TPU switch. It was acting slow and erratic so I switched it back off. Ever since then the comp runs fine till it sits idle for a while or if I am in a game and pause it for a few minutes or if I am playing a game for a few hours the mouse movement gets laggy and the audio gets choppy. It does this with stock clock-speeds and overclocked speeds. Memtest shows everything in memory is good and my temps are cool. I am also running Win 7 64 bit with the os on the ssd and everything else on the hhd I did the recommended ssd set up found here The only way I can stop the lag is a restart. Do you guys have any suggestions?
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  1. tried updating drivers?
  2. I tried driver updates with no joy.. New update, I had no fan control with the Corsair H100i software so I checked the fan connections. When I fired the computer back up guess what.... the pump flaked out on me. I can post with the usb in, also the pump works till win 7 starts then its like the pump and fans are surging. I only have a 500x psu so I unplugged my storage hdd and cd drives with no luck
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