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I currently have a 3 year old i5-750 system. The motherboard isn't really sli capable since one pci is x16 and the other pci is x4. Right now I'm running an evga 460gtx, 4 gigs of Kingston ddr3 1333 mhz, 2 1Tb hdds, 650 watt tt psu, nzxt phantom, resolution 1600 x 900.

I mostly use it for gaming and everyday needs, but as games are becoming more demanding I'm looking to upgrade. I will be playing crysis 3, metro last light if it is released, far cry 3 and any future total war. I can only do one of these upgrades so it comes down to best performance for price.

Z77 mobo, ivy bridge i5-3570k
evga 670
sapphire 7970

The prices are similar.

Next question if I choose to upgrade the gpu how much more life can I expect to get from my current build?
Aslo I have read that the i5-750 may bottleneck the 670/7970
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  1. Higher end GPU's are more or less meant for resolutions greater than 1080p or running multiple monitors. Since you aren't doing either, I would say upgrade the i5.

    Another thing you could do is try and sell your old GPU (probably won't be able to) and then put that money towards a new 670 (or even 680)..
  2. You should upgrade the video card to a Radeon 7970. CPUs don't become outdated nearly as fast as video cards do. With that 7970, you should expect roughly 3-5 years before you will need to upgrade anything. If you could add more RAM to your budget, I'd do that too. Must games are beginning to exceed 4 GB or more.
  3. I'm really considering the 7970 I'm just nervous from all of the talk about bad drivers that is mostly keeping me at a distance. I've already considered upgrading my ram but that is really no big deal I can upgrade that at anytime. will my i5-750 bottleneck a 7970?
  4. AMD Radeon drivers are well coded. You have to watch out for Nvidia. Their cards are good, but their drivers leave some to be desired.

    Your CPU won't bottleneck it. I'm still running a Core 2 Q9550 from 2008 and it's still keeping up. Nothing has run it at 100% yet. You should be good on that for a while.

    I say go for it!
  5. cyanghost109 said:
    AMD Radeon drivers are well coded. You have to watch out for Nvidia.

    AMD has gotten much better but they have suffered far more driver problems than nvidia in the past, quit the FUD.
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