Videocard downclocking by itself....?

Hi i have an alienware m18x laptop. I have a 2820qm and dual 460m gtx's.

When i'm playing some games like diablo or black ops 2 my video card underclocks itself causing a huge fps dip for anywhere from 1-20 minutes. Fps goes from 100 down to like 10. I play on stock settings at 675mhz coreclock. but when the problem happens it goes down to 203mhz. i have no idea why it's doing this. My video card temps never go above 75C. what could be the problem? I've tried multiple drivers all with the same problem.

Any help would be great
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  1. This doesn't happen when i play less intensive games like league of legends or something
  2. The program you are using to adjust this overclocking is the issue. uninstall, restart, and reinstall. This happend to me with my evga software. it was reading 705mhz on my gx 670.

    also, cross reference with a different program that measures the mhz, temp. to make sure its just not the program getting a bad read.

    if its still doing it, uninstall your drivers.. restart, then reinstall.
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