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Crashing PC - How to diagnose if video card.

So in the past week the gaming rig has been acting up. I've had to do a few more than normal restarts.

When I log in, MSI afterburner runs automatically on my G510 keyboard screen, and I noticed something odd... the 2nd video card I is running at 200% at weird temperatures.

I have 2 6970's that both have aftermarket heat sinks which keeps everything cool and quiet. They are both same model, sub model, version, ect ect.

Weird things also happen lately too, and it is messing with my audio. Sometimes it will let me play music via my media player but not youtube? This last restart wouldn't let me play any audio whatever anywhere. My PC froze shortly after and I had to restart.

Where would I start to diagnose the problem?
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    in windows 7

    click start type dxdiag.exe and hit enter run it and take a look at the video box

    this will run a simple diagnostic of you're system and tell you the health status of many of you components.

    you could also
    click start type "record steps to reproduce a problem" and hit enter
    click record
    repeat steps that have led to problems in the past
    click stop on the record
    analyze report...
  2. No problems found. Weird, might be just a windows7 issue.
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  4. I had the same issue... no audio from utube... so believe it or not I just uninstalled itunes... I tested and all good again... I added itunes back and no more problems.. u could try that.
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