System crash during games - did I fix it?

I have an EVGA GF GTX 560 2GB that I installed last week. I had been having intermittent crashes during certain games, especially Hitman Absolution, which is very graphic intensive. It has happened about a dozen times.

The card has 2 6-pin power connectors. My PSU had a single 6-pin plug. But the card came with a couple of adapters. So when I installed, I plugged in the one from my PSU and I plugged in one of the adapters.

So I go and take a look inside today and noticed that the adapter has two female Molex connectors. At first glance, I assumed it was 1 female and 1 male, like a lot of these adapters are for fans and such. After noticing the other female, I plugged in another male Molex so that I now have juice from two connectors running into the 6-pin pci-e.

So far so good. I played Hitman for about an hour without a crash. My question is, would having not plugged in the other female molex account for the crashes? My PSU is 600W.
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  1. there's no telling how it will react with only half the juice it should be getting... anything is possible and your scenario is plausible
  2. I would say it would. Your card was probably not getting enough power when it needed it most.

    Especially since your no longer getting the crash's. If it persists make sure that your drivers are up to date :).
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