Two 8800 Gt's VS Sapphire HD 7770

Hello I have a Sapphire HD 7770 ghz edition (non OC) installed in my system currently. I recently purchased two BFG Nvidia 8800 Gt alpha dog edition cards for 50$

My question is would the two 8800 gt's give me better performance over my Sapphre HD 7770? I'm sorry if this is a newb question I greatly appreciate all the help I can get. Also how would I manage to overclock both cards at the same time? or is this done separately I also would like to run the games in 1920x1080

Hear is a list of my current system specs.

Motherboard - Gigabyte 990fxa-ud3
Cpu - AMD Fx6100 (stock clock speed, waiting for cooler to arrive)
Gpu - AMD Sapphire HD 7770 ghz Edition
Ram - Patriot Viper 12 GB ddr3 1600mhz ( corsair dominator cooler )
Psu - OCZ ZS 750W
House :) - Antec Elevenhundred
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  1. Best answer
    7770 no questions.

    New gen
    less power
    less heat
    less noise
    last longer
    it does very good at games
  2. Ok I guess I will stick with the 7770 then. I just assumed that if i were to overclock both the 8800's and the fact of allot more cores with two cards would be better.Thanks for the reply
  3. More cores != More performance.

    Look at the 3970, compare it to the 7750. The 7750 pwns the 3970, with the 3970 having way more cores.
  4. Well u can always CF 7770. And will be very good.

    With 8800 u cant add more and u will be stuck . Plus u dont have dx11.

    And they need 335W on 3D load .

    Just get 7770 :)
  5. I would agree. The 8800s are quite old, and would generate a lot of heat compared to the 7770.
  6. prototype18 said:
    Well u can always CF 7770. And will be very good.

    I agree that the 7770 is the better option, but you should never crossfire a card as low end as a 7770 - it'll give WAY more issues than you gain in performance. It also won't be very good - think a 50-60% increase, NOT doubling the power.
  7. also going to say 7770, does the job and does it well
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