How is this budget pc?

This is my first time making a computer and I've spent a couple days picking out parts. My budget is about ~700 with a monitor. This will be for decent gaming but not hard-core gaming. Any suggestions?
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  1. good build, no suggestions
  2. butremor said:
    good build, no suggestions

    Haha thanks! I was wondering if I should get a cooler but I'm not quite sure. How much of a difference does a cooler make?
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    what kind of cooler?
    actually, made a few changes:
    1600 ram is faster
    hitachi < WD, imo

    whats your budget?
  4. Hi. In addition to butremor's changes you can save $20 on this PSU.

    XFX ProSeries Core Edition 450W
  5. Those changes seem alright to me. I wasn't sure what kind of cooler, as I have no experience for them. Maybe an average cooler, would it make much of a difference on my pc?
  6. as i understand you mean case cooler (there is also cpu cooler and videocard coolers)

    I think your build shouldn't get very hot, as it's components shouldn't produce that much of a heat. Just for the heck of it you can get one exhaust fan to extract air, but as is said, insides of that pc shouldn't get that hot. But it actually has mounts for coolers
  7. So I guess I won't need a cooler then. I'll probably just get the build you modified for me butremor. Thanks a lot for the help!
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