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Hello everyone I just need some help on figuring out how to find the fan MM size for this computer case, I would like to put one on the back blowing air out of the back of the case and also attach (same size) to front of case creating an air flow.

this is my computer..

I would appreciate if anyone could give me some pointers/tips!
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  1. hello there are no internal pictures of case/fan openings... basically... measure your mounting holes diagonally in MM... and will give us a clue as to what pre-drilled holes and opening we will need to narrow down your fan size selections...

    Also we must determine how you wish to power these fans... type of connectors.

    Also need to determine if the Fans will run at full speed... or need manualy speed control... or Motherboard temperature control.
  2. Usually, on pre-built systems, you are very limited, if not prevented from adding more fans to the case.
  3. Thats not quite right fans are measured length and width so a 120mm fan is 120mm high by 120mm wide. Measure the holes across and vertically not diagonally.
  4. If you are Just trying to switch out the fans already in the case; if there's not a bigger set of holes (for 140mm) then I would say add a 13 blade turbo fan (Aerocool Shark is a great one) It will get you a great current. If you dont have additional holes you might want to throw 30-100 bills to just buy a better flowing case.

    After looking at your case though. You only have the one port. I would say buy a new case man.

    Great Free-flowing case.
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