Windows 7 laptop can not see XP computers?

My windows 7 wireless laptop does not see my XP desktop computers (hard wired to my router). My windows 7 wireless laptop can access the internet via the 2.4gh band of my new dual band router.

My XP desktop computers can see my windows 7 wireless laptop and access shared files.

I just upgraded to a new dual band router. The prior router was a single band and my windows 7 wireless laptop could see my XP desktop and access shared files.

Any suggestions as to how I get my windows 7 wireless laptop to be able to see my wired XP desktop computer?
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  1. Thanks for the two responses. Based on the suggestions, I went back to my computers an started searching and changing. The good news is that both my windows 7 and XP computers now can see each other and share files. The bad news is that I don't know what changes I made to make this happen.
  2. Something new regarding this problem - while watching a movie on my windows 7 laptop via WIFI to my XP computer, I lost the WIFI connection. After testing I found that when our wireless phone received a call, the WIFI connection got zapped. I guess the phone is on the same band width as my WIFI (2.4).

    I am not sure what my problem's solution will be.
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