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Monitor artifacting? upon opening flash


I recently got an XFX 5770 and love the fricken thing. However, since about a month ago (Ive owned it since september), I have had this weird issue after a few hours of use when I open youtube videos, and even steam's store page. Upon doing so, my monitor does this:

It is often moving. Am I correct that this is artifacting to an extreme degree? My friend ran me through disabling chrome's integrated flash player because it was broken upon the latest update, bad. I thought this had worked but of course it didn't for long, if at all.

What I did:

Enter the "chrome://plugins" URL in the Chrome browser. I obviously saw this and did as it says:

I'm at this point totally stumped; I've also tried a reinstall of chrome to only a temporary avail. Can anyone help? thanks!
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    You could try a different monitor and cable, I always bring this up because I used to have this green artifacting and nobody, not even me thought to try a different monitor until after I bought a new GPU.

    Or try a different browser and see if it really is a problem with chrome, when they made Firefox really bad I switched to chrome for a while but eventually switched back and it works pretty well again.
  2. thanks. I'll switch the cables around, it HAS always occurred on my main monitor, and it was cheap.

    Anyway, I recently got(and often get) this bluescreen when it happens:

    Can anyone make sense of this? I got it when my old video card died for unknown reasons. Is this one frakked too? I have never had this issue while gaming or any other task that does not involve flash. Please help me, this is increasingly frustrating.

    I have a new PSU I plan to put in when I have time, could my 500W be under too much strain with my ATI 5770 card?

    Also, could it be heat? I've felt the GPU right after restarting(my only fix for this stupid problem) and it was actually quite cool. I check it when I restart, that is confirmed in the software(Catalyst).

    help appreciated.
  3. That BSOD just looks like it's caused by something hanging up, I'm guessing google chrome in this case. What drivers are you running for your card though, some people have problems with the 12.10, I don't but myself, but downgrading to 12.8 would be worth a shot.

    My internet took a crap for a few days, that's why I haven't been helping ya out.
  4. I do have catalyst 12.10, downgrading to see what happens.
  5. Update: tried downgrade, problem persists.

    Switched to firefox from chrome, problem persists.

    Most recently I managed to get firefox back open during the latest incident- it seems to correct itself when I move a streaming youtube video(this happens when I am watching them almost constantly) between monitors.

    What on earth is going on? I'm using adobe flash player X, old catalyst, DIFFERENT browser, things persist.
  6. Single monitor or eyefinity?
  7. Dual monitors, extended displays, I'm quite sure eyefinity is disabled.
  8. Spaniard United said:
    Single monitor or eyefinity?

    I also see a brief twitching in the entire screen, like a very isolated tearing, across the monitor horizonally and almost always towards the bottom. This is with every click of a new youtube video.
  9. Do you have your card overclocked?
  10. Spaniard United said:
    Do you have your card overclocked?

    Not that I can see; how would I put everything back to default/stock in catalyst? I have an ATI 7770.
  11. I switched to firefox, this happened once. Now, almost every video clicked yields a small flicker of what the whole screen looks like when this occurs, as if the screen above was behind my browser and a piece of the browser window overlay was removed.

    However, I have yet to report the actual incident itself occurring again, so I could declare this solved, though I'd love to know just what it might have been- I've heard about numerous problems with the latest catalyst drivers? I've downgraded and it happened a few times. Regardless, I THINK its all fixed now.
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