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Is it possible to hook up a modem to a ps3 without a phone line?

I was able 2 find my Evo shift through the ps3, but couldnt get online. I used Astro file mngr to navigate to visionary and run apk, usb debug and temp root but I can't find visionary. Rooting successfully has been difficult so far. Hardwire...maybe plug phone line from modem 2 ps3!??
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  1. Huh???
  2. Well, I was tryin not 2 make it 2 long... basically, I just got a ps3 n have century link hookin me up with a motem. They neglected 2 remind me that even the wireless need a phone line. I'm sure that'll run more than the price she told me. So I wanted 2 know if the ps3 could utilize the modem w/o an active jack or phone in the house? My ps3 did discover my evo shift but I couldn't get on-line. Tried 2 root but haven't quite figured it out yet. My neighbors wi-fi r all secured, any ideas?
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    If this is dialup instead of DSL, you can forget about playing online. The ps3 doesn't have a phone connetcion nor does it need one. That's an ethernet port for a wired connection to a router or switch.

    The ps3 can use a wired or a wireless connection, but not both at once.
  4. No, CenturyLink is DSL service. Ask them for naked DSL service which means you need a phone line but not a phone number. It's usually about $35/month.
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