2 questions about the AMD 7770 and DELL XPS 8500.

Hey there guys, I'm not very experienced with gaming PC's and I'm looking for a mid-range graphics card as I'm not a heavy gamer, and I take performance over graphics as my eye sight isn't perfect, even with glasses.
So, I will be receiving a Dell XPS 8500 as a gift, which has an i5 3350p processor and an AMD 7570 1GB.
I want to immediately remove the 7570 and stick it in an older machine of mine which will go downstairs and be hooked up to my TV to watch movies and browse the web etc.

Now, I need a new card, and I don't want to spend much at all since Christmas is around the corner, so my budget is only £90. I would like to play BF3 at around high settings on 1080p, maybe slightly lower. So far, I have looked up the AMD 7770 which is exactly at £90, but I was wondering if there is anything else out there which matches my needs for around £90?

Now, the second and more important question, the Dell XPS 8500 only has one PCI 16x slot, I'm not planning to ever go SLI/x-fire with this particular machine, so that doesn't bother me, but I was wondering if a dual slot card, such as the 7770 would fit in to the Dell XPS 8500?

Here is the a picture of the Dell XPS 8500's motherboard (not mine):

All answers are appreciated, and thank you for stopping by and giving this a read.
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  1. So i've decided to get a 2nd hand 6850 instead for just under £90, so the main question is, will a dual slot card such as the 6850, fit in a DELL XPS 8500? Some help would be great, I just can't figure this out haha.
  2. Can't edit the post above for some reason, but just wanted to add these two pictures:

    Back of a DELL XPS 8500:

    Motherboard of a DELL XPS 8500:
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