6870 crossfire issue

okay guys, have been running 6870 crossfire(three gpu's) for quite a while now, no real issues thus far...

But I lent my 6870x2 to a friend so they could use it for their eyefinity racing sim over the weekend...

I have since Installed the card back into my system and cannot for the life of me get crossfire to perform the way
it was before... I have tried changing positions, each card on thier own, drivers(backwards and forwards) , caps, ulps settings..

I can get two gpu's functioning fine.. I just cant get the three gpu scaling I had prior to taking the card out, in-fact enabling the third gpu
lowers performance.

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
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  1. figured it out guys, my mobo had set itself back to the default profile when I installed the card, soo my cpu was back down to stock... hence having 2 way cfx work fine but not three way .... cpu bneck... :S
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