Nvidia GTX 570 problems

Hey all,

I've been having problems with my card while playing Starcraft. Starts out fine, then around the twenty minute mark it'll just crash. So far my two screens have either A. Turned a different color per screen (see orange and green), B. Just gone black, C. Gone static like a TV without a station.

What is going on? My case has some massive fans in it plus I can hear the GPU fan if it gets going fast and I haven't even heard it.

I'm running Starcraft in OSX, when I go into windows to check it out using Precision X and OC scanner then GPU clock jumps around between 399 and 797, but the temps stay around 61 Celsius.
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  1. 61 doesn't sound too high.

    How are your other temps? (Primarily the CPU)

    Have your recently upgraded a driver?

    What PSU are you running?
  2. I just ran more tests while playing starcraft

    Peak GPU temp was 80 celsius, CPU never got above 40, hovered around 38 for most of it.

    I'm using a 750w psu, and no, I haven't changed anything besides updating the game, which leads me to believe that might be the problem.
  3. 80 is higher than I would want in a synthetic benchmark, much less a game.

    However, it's still "within spec", so maybe your latest game update does have something to do with your symptoms. (Although I would expect a lot of people to experience the same problem if that were the case)
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    That is a symptom of a dying card. I'd send it to warranty service.
  5. Could dust buildup have anything to do with it? I haven't cleaned it in four months and I live in a really dusty building. Also - the card is a EVGA superclocked version, looking it up its not unheard of for it to get to eighty.

    Another question - If I do return it should I send it back to EVGA or to newegg where I bought it.
  6. If it's done by dust, it would still not help by cleaning it - the card was damaged. If it wasn't, it wouldn't give you colored screens.
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