New HD7750: Black screen: The Revenge

Resolved buying this MB:

Now window 7 64 reads only 3.54 gb of ram over 6 but whatever

Talked to soon, the performance now with the 7750 are worser than with the 4670, also guild wars 2 in unplayable because it keep crashing, also the performance of the cpu for windows 7 have dropped from 6.0 to 3.9. I think i will throw the pc out of the window.
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  1. With the new psu "seems" to work for now, I did some laps with the 3dmark successfully, only 1 time has come the error "display driver has stopped working".

    Regarding the cpu at 1196 mhz im trying differents combinations with the power saving settings in bios, I need to know if use enhanced halt state, the intel speedstep and intelligent energy saver or not
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