GTX560ti Ultra card giving grainy display

Hello, I recently got a GTX560ti Classified Ultra and I tried using the DVI to VGA with no problem to a JVC 42in 1080p 120hz TV. Looks great, did with my old GTS 250 as well. I tried out the mini HDMI to HDMI and looked really sharp, kinda like a grainy look to it.

Any reason to why it would look like this, or would anyone would know what I'm referring to?

Drivers are up to date, doubt the mini HDMI is bad, and I heard others having similar issues.

Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. I never had that when I had a 560ti, probably a bad mini adapter or hdmi cable.
  2. Well if it was bad, I'd assume it would give off display problems, but like the picture just looks really SHARP, but yet grainy. God wish I could take a picture of it. Tried another cable too, but of course same thing. Might just have to stick with the DVI to VGA, looks great an all, just wanted to see what the HDMI would look like. I'd figure it would be a better picture.
  3. After calibrating through windows and the TV itself, much better now. Also turned game mode on so I don't get that delay with the mouse and games, but for movies I might keep it off. So figured it all out, this can close now. Thanks.
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