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this is mainly used for gaming. i have no need for overclocking.

intel core i5-3470
msi h77ma-g43 Mirco ATX
G.skill value series 8GB (2x4) DDR3-1333
barracuda 1TB 7200 sata 6GB
XFX Radeon 6870 1GB
Fractal design core 1000 Micro ATX
XFX 550w 80plus bronze
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  1. Looks fine to me, except I would go with 1600MHz RAM instead of 1333.
  2. 1. Same with the previous reply, I would go with 1600 ram.
    2. there would be alot of room for GPU upgrade. If you could shell out some more cash to upgrade that gpu, for me, at least a 7850, then that would be better for a balanced build.
    3. I'm not into MSI boards as they are not known in making good boards. I would go with an asus or Asrock board. An asrock h77m will do for your build.
  3. well i went with 1333 because in regular use 16000 is only around 2% better. i heard that 1600 is only useful for OC and since i wont being doing that its fine. but im no expert i saw this on a website
  4. I agree with admbautista about the mobo. ASRock make good budget priced boards.
    1600 isnt expensive, I'd still go with 1600.
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