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Hello, i have gateway nv53. it stoped working after my cousin played nba 2k12 on it. pretty sure the gpu is broken, will reflow fix it? the gpu is integrated. i know some of you will tell me to buy a new one, but my mom will kill me if she finds out, pls help.
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  1. Is it possible to reflow an integrated GPU? I'd be very very surprised.

    Why would your mother kill you if it wasn't your fault?

    Also, how exactly has it stopped working? We might be able to help you fix it with more detail.
  2. You Mom will find out eventually, so buck up and tell her what happened, it will be better in the long run. As far as a reflow goes someties it works sometimes it doesn't, no guarantee.
  3. just trying what i can do. well, you dont know my mom.
    my cousin borrowed my laptop for 2 weeks. he was playing 2k12 on it with high settings.
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