Thinking of getting another GTX 570, some basic questions.

Hey guy's, holiday season is coming up and I was thinking I might take advantage of any sales that might happen. I've got an EVGA 570, and was thinking I would get much more bang for my buck buy buying another 570 and putting it in SLI.

I've got a 1200watt PSU so power isn't a problem, I always planned on eventually doing SLI so I went future-proof.

This is my question, I have this 570:

Question is if it's fine to use a different 570 in SLI with it, or if that causes some weird crap to go down.

One 570 I'm looking at is:

These two cards seem to have the exact same specs, just different cases and cooling. So I imagine it's fine. Hypothetically speaking, if they didn't have the same specs, would that matter? Would like to know encase I ever need to know in the future.

As for actually installing, I imagine its just put the second card in and slap the SLI connector on, or is there something more than that.

Last somewhat related question. I run at 1920x1080, so 1280MB vram is acceptable right? Or would I be better off getting something like a 680 with 2GB VRAM?
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  1. You're fine to use any other 570 - even with different speeds, the fast one would just downclock to match the slow one.

    And for installing, you also have to grab nvidia's SLI drivers.

    As for the last question, 1GB is acceptable for now, but... I'd be wary of putting it in SLI - that's a heavy investment to get more performance on something that might or might not be useful down the road - having to turn down settings with two 570s would be awful.

    So yes, you might be better off with a new card, but that's up to you. If you do upgrade, go to the 670 - it's only has 5% worse performance than the 680 for $100 less.
  2. The EVGA cards run fine together you can SLI most brands together. There shouldn't be a slot issue for either of these. All you have to do is make sure your SLI bridge is large enough but that is easy. If they are not the same model you cannot SLI them but as long as they are the same model for example a 670 couldnt go w/a 660 but a 670 could go with a 670 oc edition. With the second card you attach PSU cables to it :P, make sure you have those ready as well incase your's did not come w/extra ones. 1280mb vram is fine for that resolution. Now the 680 is a beautiful card and can run most games maxed with ease. The main thing to note with SLI is that not all games support it, it really depends on you, if you want a single card go for it, the SLI might be a cheaper option though as you already have 1 570. Just be careful about heat with those puppies they get REALLY hot make sure you have some nice fans to take care of that.

    Best of luck.
  3. Solid. Going to make sure I have all the real-estate available and ready to go, and I will consider a 670 if the price is right. That 1280MB VRAM with the 570 is honestly my biggest concern, considering the newer games coming out. Might be better to get a 670 now, and then eventually another 670 and have them in SLI.

    Ideally I'd like to stay around 250 bucks. I might consider doing $300, but I don't really want to. Unless I can find a friend looking to upgrade and give them a good deal.
  4. Wll better get new card . Sli has always heat/noise problems .

    670 would be great and can max out easily all the games.

    Here is the answer to your Vram Q.

    Even 660 TI would be great.

    I still recommmend getting the best card you can afford.
  5. get a 670 now. A single card is always better than a dual setup and you will need more VRAM soon.
  6. Seems like getting a 670 now is the better choice, good thing i decided to ask before making any decisions. And that was a nice link Prototype. Ill probably look for a nice 670 that's on sale and try to sell off my 570 for some quick cash.

    Anymore information is welcome.
  7. That ASUS 670 seems pretty damn good compared to the others, I'd love to see that go on sale.

    Only problem is it seems a lot of people seem to be having trouble with its reliability. 22 out of 78 reviews are about it malfunctioning. One reviewer said this:

    "There is a bug with the GTX 680 and GTX 670 series where monitoring software, E.G. SpeedFan, Precision X, MSI Afterburner, GPUz, etc, will cause the card to create a red screen on your computer that requires a hard reboot. This also happens often with 3DMark11. The ASUS GTX 670 (both TOP and non-TOP) editions seem to experience this more often than other series of cards. A simple search for ASUS, GTX 670, and Red Screen, will prove this. Users all over are having this problem. I have personally had this happen with two non-TOP cards now. I did not overclock either of the cards, and one of them was in fact running only at 705Mhz (which is also another common bug with the ASUS version of cards), however that bug is supposed to be extremely rare."

    So if this is true this isn't something i should necessarily worry too much about?
  8. Well that is kinda luck. Im not in the card so i cant guarantee u anything.

    If you are worried get the FTW Version. It has high clock and runs cool. Has 680 PCB and cooler.

    I was planing to get that FTW if i sell my 560 TI.
  9. Well looking at the EVGA FTW review, it seems a lot of people are having the same problems, so, I'll probably just get the Asus 670 when it's on sale and see what happens. If it ever dies I'll just have to send it in to get replaced.

    Thanks to everyone for the help.
  10. Let me put in a good word for 2 x GTX 570s in SLI. I've been running 2 X EVGA 570 SC 1280GB cards since they were new on the market. No heat issues, no micro-stutter issues, no noise issues, no VRAM issues, no problems at max settings in any game at 1920x1080, fast frame rates always.

    Having said that, I would never discourage anyone from buying better and newer. ;)
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