Should I do an external build?

hello all, im building my first pc in the morning (bought everything today) and I want to know if I should do an external build or not. by external build i mean attach cpu gpu heat sink and ram to motherboard outside of case and connenct to the monitor to see if everything works. or Should I just attach the cpu ram and heatsink and put it into the case and not do an external build?
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  1. That's really up to you whether you trust your parts or not. When you get down to the real building, I suggest installing the motherboard first.
  2. Always bread-board the system before you put it in the case. Its at this point where you find out if everything works, because if you find it doesn't work once its in the case it will be quite annoying to have to take it out.
  3. I would do one. It makes it easier to take apart of there are bad parts, and only adds a few minutes to the build time.
  4. the best building pc tutorial -
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