Asus HD 6450 - No Display output

This is probably a very simple problem, but for the life of me I cannot figure this out...

I bought a new Asus HD 6450 to upgrade from the integrated video driver on my basic HTPC, which is an Acer Aspire X1200-B1601A, Windows 7 32 bit, with an added dual-tuner Happenauge card.

Not trying to run a dual-monitor setup, just trying to bump up performance. I've had this basic setup for several years, worked fine, but I wanted to go with the Asus HD 6450 to boost performance and prevent the initial 'lag' I get when starting to watch programs off of WMC.

After installing the video card, and installing the drivers from the included CD, I switched my HDMI cable over to the new card, and was able to get a view of my desktop.

However, after trying to alter the resolution to a smaller one (which my Philips 32PFL3504D/F7 supports), I no longer was getting a signal, and from this point on I have not been able to get a signal, even after switching the resolution back to the original installed default. I continue to get a 'Format Not Supported' from my display, even though the resolution is configured the same for both the still active integrated card and the 6450.

I've already uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers for the 6450, and the card still doesn't display anything
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  1. After further playing around, I can get the video card to start up/generate graphics when in safe mode, and when the drivers are not installed.

    However, once I install the drivers for the Asus 6450, the card does not work save in safe mode.

    Will this rectify itself if I go ahead and disable/completely uninstall the on-board integrated Nvidia video drivers??
  2. I read some suggestions from similar problems before that it may simply be a 3D rendering issue, since the card works, so it likely is more of a driver issue?

    ANY help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  3. As an addition to the stats, the specs on the base X1200-B1601A are:

    3GB DDR2 667 (PC2-5300)
    1 PCI-e x1 (The Happenauge tuner is here)
    1 PCI-e x16 (the video card in question is here)
    AMD Athlon 64 X2 4050e
    320 GB SATA II
    220W PSU

    The integrated video card I'm trying to abandon is a NVIDIA GeForce 8200
  4. You can close this thread. Thanks to a lack of any replies questions, along with not finding any other resources touching on it thru this website, I just went ahead and returned the item.

    Frankly, I expected a different outcome on Tom's Hardware forum, at least some level of discourse/questions, but I guess that's what happens when dealing with an older, non-"hot" video card.
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