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Hey guys I am planning on making a mini itx build using the bitfenix (http://us.ncix.com/products/?sku=76993) and i am on a very low budget. This will be my first build and i have a very low budget. The build can't exceed $600 include os mouse and keyboard but no monitor. I don't care about intel or amd whatever is gonna give the best performance for this price. Please do a build for me, i could use some help! :bounce:
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  1. Hey, please fill out those questions, otherwise it's gonna take too long asking you those question one by one. Post answers here. After you do that we will be able to help you faster, without having to be guessing in the dark. Thanks
  2. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/xxEa
    I didn't include an optical drive. Do you really need one? If so just pick the cheapest. This should let you play any modern game in 1080p, but you won't be maxing out the bigger titles. The cpu is rather weak, so in the future you will want to upgrade it to an i3 or preferably an i5. It might let you down in mmorgs and online games with tons of people. What sort of games were you planning on playing?
  3. Why are you spamming the forum? This is your 3rd thread in 24 hours. Why not just stick to one thread? Are you not getting the help you need?
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