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:sleep: So if you don't want the long story skip to the next paragraph. :lol: At it costs $5 for shipping which was ridiculous for a 9$ hard drive enclosure, but if the order was over $20 the shipping becomes free. So i decided id get a fan for $15, making the cost of the fan technically only $10. My case already has 5 fans that come with it and they are all pretty good quality so im not looking to replace any of them, i just thought 1 more couldn't hurt.

:hello: My case is the Zalman z11 plus HF1

fans: 1 front 120mm
1 rear 120mm
1 top 120mm
1 left side 80mm (on the hard drive bay)
1 right side 80mm (hard drive bay)

available slots: 1 top
1 bottom

which slot should i put it in? top or bottom?

also side question: the case has bottom mounted power supply should i aim the power supply fan up(into the case) or out the bottom?
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  1. Probably the top, though it wont make much difference either way.

    If there is a grill that the PSU can draw air from at the bottom of the case, set it so that the PSU draws air from outside. That way the PSU has its own dedicated air and wont affect the normal case airflow.
  2. Thanks for the reply man, i have the same video card as you :D
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