Cant get monitor working with GTX 680

I have this monitor.

It was working with my 6870 for the most part. I had a slight issue but I was able to use it. Now there are green lines everywhere and during the bios with the GTX 680. With the 6870 I never had any green lines during BIOS.

I'm using the same DVI-D cable that came with the monitor.
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  1. complete machine specs and don't forget the make and model of power supply.
  2. http://www
  3. sounded like a bad PS first off.

    did you try running ram at 1600 ? did you try running with 1 stick in the #1 slot ? @stock. ?

    maybe something as simple as a new monitor cable ?

    what can you swap out ? can you swap monitors from your house or neighbor/friend ?

    overclock going belly up ? did you try running entire machine at stock ? ( reset cmos )
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