GTX 660 Ti vs GTX 670: Help, which is better?

I can't decide on whether to get a 660 Ti or a 670. I am not planning to SLI or overclock either the i5-3570k CPU or the graphics card. The only distinguishable difference that I can see is that the 660 Ti is 192 bit and the 670 is 256 bit, although I am not sure what exactly that is or how it would translate to the performance.
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    just looking at the nomenclature the gtx 670 is better.

    benchmarks also show that the gtx 670 is better. Get it if you have the money.
  2. Or just get a 7970 which is better, and costs as much as a 670. Why on earth would you get 3570K and not over clock
  3. The 670
  4. Well, at the moment I am not planning on overclocking since I am going to have to research it and plus I won't have any specialized cooling in my computer (I haven't built it yet but am close to getting it). I am probably going to get the 670. Thanks!
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  6. 670 is better, I would suggest the EVGA 670 FTW... I was in the same situation as you and I ended up just picking the 670 because the extra FPS and bus width really is worth the money. Good luck!
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