Should i get this GPU

i am building my first pc and wanted to know if i should buy this
My parts--- amd fx4170 4.2ghz
gigabyte 970a-ud3
g skill ripjaws 8 gb
24" orion hdtv with hdmi (720p i think)
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  1. that is a good enough card but can you give me a bit more info on what games you want to play and at what settings?
  2. nothing to serious just mainly watching hd movies on my monitor
  3. when you build a pc, you cant just look at numbers on the card and how much memory it has, theres much more to it, if i could reccomend you i cheap card id say this one
    i would normally reccomend the 1gb version just because its cheaper and 99 percent of the time you wouldnt need 2gb of video memory, but this ones on sale cheaper then the 1gb model currently
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