First Build!! First Boot !! No Display :(

To all you AWESOME guys,

This my first build for a htpc with parts as in . After connecting everything, I get no signal in Monitor :(

To test things - just placed MOBO - Biostar TZ77XE3 ; PSU - Corsair Builder 430W ; added one RAM - G.Skill Ripjaws X Series 4GB ; I5 processor with cooler, usb keyboard and turned on. ---> I see the processor fan and psu fan running and still NO display on monitor using onboard dvi port. MB onboard power/rest buttons work with no lights on the keyboard.

Did took out batter on mb, did cmos reset too.

Please help me to get my first build working.
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  1. have you done a complete troubleshooting?

    btw welcome to this forum :)
  2. your video card has not been installed correctly, remember to be careful with your MOBO as it is fairly delicate also make sure the pin configuration is the same as your chosen video card. good luck pal!
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