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Assembling Soyo Dragon Plus, AlthonXP 1700+, Gainward CardExpert MX400 video, Samsung 950p monitor, Toshiba DVD/CD-ROM, and future add-ons. These are all right now. In Window98 System Device Manager, get yellow ? the no device driver is loaded for PCI Multimedia Audio Device. Have tried all CDs received and cannot clear this. How can I find out what device is causing the problem? Would not be feasible to disconnect the video card or CD, so what else could be doing this?

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  1. What do you have plugged into your PCI slots?

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  2. Mobo has onboard sound?

    If so, delete the device from Device Manager and reboot.

    Cancel when new device is found on reboot, then install from CD.
  3. CMI 8738 5.1 Channel Audio

    A brief search tells me this is the culprit...
  4. also if the baord has onbaord sound you have to make sure to shut it off in the bios

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  5. Might be a jumper on the mobo to turn off onboard sound-Check Mobo manual.

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  6. Probably your onboard sound.

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  7. Thanks to all that answered. You were all right on the money. It was the on-board digital sound. I later found a reference that it is PCI slot 7 (and I only have 5). I reinstalled on-board audio driver and it got rid of the problem.

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