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Hi there people,

I have assembled a new system:
Motherboard:Asrock Xtreme 3 AM3+
CPU:FX6300 3.5 ghz 6 core (vishera)
RAM:Corsair 2x4 GB @ 1600mhz vengeance(RED)
GPU: GTX550TI 1.5 GB
PSU: Zalman ZM-600 WATT
Case: Coolermaster antec

Getting it in home today, would this build run BF3 on mid settings and 1600x1200 resolution?

Im keen in getting the ATI radeon 7870 TE tahiti (2gb) Jokercard

Im curious about your opinions.

Best regards.
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  1. use you gtx 550 ti first, if you arent satisfied with its performance, go with 7870 :)
  2. Thanks :-)
  3. By the way, Id give an update when I have all parts assembled, I think tommorow.. damn reading the instructions guide now lol :p First build in my PSU, my mobo didnt fit in haha. Had to take out the PSU again -.- ( IR noob)

    Looking forward playing on this system :>
  4. UPDATE**

    Assembled all items.

    FX6300 mobo asrock extreme 3 + corsair 1600mhz 8gb.

    From my old duo-core build from 18-42fps on low-mid settings resolution 1920x1080p HD

    Now low-mid settings 1920x1080p HD 62-78 FPS constantly.

    Conclusion, my old cpu bottlenecked my GPU. Amazing FPS increase, wow.

    Still considering buying a new gfx card, named above.
  5. Get a xfx 7870 ghz edition, amazing card
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