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Best Card Under $125

I just wanted to see if you guys knew what the best card was that is under 125 without rebates. I plan to mostly play GTA 4. I am very confused and don't know what to buy. :cry:
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  1. I would grab this.

    It is a little more than you have but you get assassins creed 3 for free and it is a decent card. If you want to save up an extra $70 I would go with this.

    It is at a really low price right now and it is a great card. It can play BF3 at high settings easily and can run GTA 4 with no problem AT ALL.

    If you need anymore help please post a reply.
  2. I have a really strict budget and can only go to $125. I actually found a 7850 for $179 but that's beside the point.
  3. Well if you really are just going to play GTA 4 and other non graphical intensive games I would go with this.

    And youy get farcry for free!
  4. If $125 is a hard limit you can't get that GHz edition 7770 as its $127 counting shipping, possibly more if you get charged tax. Keep looking for a 7770 on sale but don't be surprised if you have to get the 6770.
  5. Find a 7770 those cards are great, the 650 doesnt perform as well if you really want to just play GTA IV then go w/a 6770, cheap cards runs that game @ max
  6. I'd really try to stretch to this:

    It's considerably faster than HD 7770. However, if you cannot HD 7770 will do just fine.

    This one fits your budget:
  7. Shop around.

    You're likely to find an HD 7770 in your budget. That's the card you want, hands down. Don't settle for less.
  8. Benchmark wise 7770>650 650ti>7770 by a couple percentage points though so the 7770 works fine, a really unnoticeable difference in performance and saves you a couple dollars.
  9. ^

    Actually, GTX 650 Ti is at least 20% faster than HD 7770.
  10. What resolution are you using?

    get this when it has stock dude.

    decent card for 720p to 1080p if you dont play games that will stress your card too much.
  12. cause it is faster than what u reccomend,
  13. How does the 6870 preform? I found a sweet deal on it! $125! Should i get it?
  14. 6870 would be better than 7770.
  15. How well does it preform in GTA 4?
  16. Well i cant find any up to date review.

    But i can tell you this :

    I had a GTX 460 1Gb .I could max out GTA IV on 720P. Hd 6870 is more powerful than Gtx 460 so figure it out.

    You will do good to !
  17. Multisupermono said:
    How does the 6870 preform? I found a sweet deal on it! $125! Should i get it?

    Immediatamente! Do not pass Go, do not collect $200. my dad used to say.
  18. What do you mean? :o
  19. Best answer
    Multisupermono said:
    What do you mean? :o

    Buy that $125 HD 6870. Don't miss that deal.
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