Can't connect to internet using LAN all of a sudden?

Okay guys so here's the situation.
Yesterday there was a thunderstorm and i left my computer on to go to shower.
When i was showering I heard a really loud one near the house.
When I finished showering and came back to the computer, I couldn't connect to the internet. The yellow and orange lights don't flash at the back of the motherboard (i'm using intergrated networking). Also, on my D-Link, the Lan light flashes once every 2 seconds. However the internet works on other devices as normal, and the cable works on other computers as well. So I'm sure it's not the ethernet cable problem. So what is happening to my computer? Oh and by the way when i diagnose the problem it says that a network cable is unplugged.
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    Seems like you've done most of the troubleshooting here, and it's time to buy a new nic. Assuming it's a desktop you can get a new one for $10 or so. I would check the drivers on the card as well to make sure it's still installed properly, but based on what you described it seems like it's just dead at this point.
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