Corsair c70 vs cm storm scout 2

which is the best for cooling??
they are the same price in my area

all opinions are appreciated :D
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  1. Cooling? The Case isn't responsible for Cooling.
    It may provide a Airflow but the Real Cooling is with the Dedicated Coolers.

    Get whichever you like.
    You'll get a Good Cooling when you'll apply 5-6 fans. Not much, but around 3-4 C.

    Case is all about Looks (Thats my Opinion)
    You should have good Lighting and some Awesome Mods. :lol:
  2. CM Storm Scout 2. Corsair C70 isn't a good case imo. Although if you prefer the military style, there's also the Antec GX700 that was shown during CES. I don't know about pricing and availability though.
  3. thanks to everyone..... i will go with the scout 2 in light of your comments
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