Problems from SLI and OC?

Hey guys,

I recently added another GTX 570 to my system and am now running in SLI. I was getting some poor performance and read that my cpu may have been bottlenecking ( even though i have a 2500k oc'd slightly). I overclocked my cpu a bit more and saw an increase in fps.

About a day later the problems started happening:
- when playing some games there is a slight bar of distortion in the middle of my screen (sometimes moves up and down).
- fps drop drastically at times
- computer goes into a loop of rebooting and won't display anything. :cry:
- a few random crashes.

Ive tested both cards separately and they work fine. Temps are fine on both graphics cards and cpu. Anyone have any ideas whats causing these issues?

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  1. Uhhh.... yeah...

    An unstable overclock. :P
    Either too much vcore or not enough. (Or else you were messing with something that really shouldn't be messed with.)
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