Fx 4100//8120//6100 Vs AMD Phenom II X4 965 Paired With HD 6870

Ok so basically i've found a bunch of computer for my budget and i need help deciding which one to get, i've also heard the bulldozer series and bad because they are not true cores and use modules instead, i play my computer mostly for gaming, also i don't overclock much cause im not sure how haha, which one of these would be the best CPU to go with my HD 6870




AMD 965:

Many thanks for any help choosing which to go for
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  1. None of them. Go Intel i5 or get an AMD Piledriver (FX-x3xx0 series), both have superior performance/price.

    Don't get a Phenom 2. They're EoL.
    Don't get a Bulldozer. They're pricier and slower than their direct successors, Piledriver.

    If you want to stay in AMD land, the FX-6300 has the best perf./price in forg aming my opinion.
    On the Intel side, I recommend the i5-3570K.
  2. The AMD 965 will be the fastest for gaming. There is no question of which one you should get, get that one.

    You can use this chart to find out where a cpu lands in the hierarchy of speed for gaming, it's pretty accurate:


    None of them. Go Intel i5 or get an AMD Piledriver (FX-x3xx0 series), both have superior performance/price.

    Don't get a Phenom 2. They're EoL.
    Don't get a Bulldozer. They're pricier and slower than their direct successors, Piledriver.

    He can't afford any of that... He asked which one, that is in his price range. I doubt he can find any full i5 system for £230... same with vishera based systems.

    As for the 6300 it's basically the same, performance wise, as the 965. So why spend more for it if all he is doing is gaming ?

    As for the i5-3570k, that would cost about the same as his whole computer just for the cpu.
  3. thanks for the quick replies i have been looking at the CPU benchmark but i've seen people say bad reviews on these so i needed some advice is there anything else that i can get for about £230 full built comp stronger than the 965, if not i'll go with that one cause my budget is quite tight so i can't spend too much but if you got anywhere i could get one for around 230-250 that would be awesome, many thanks :)
  4. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Intel-Core-i3-Dual-Core-2100-PC-3-10-GHz-x2-4GB-DDR3-RAM-500GB-HD-Tower-Computer-/181032241725?pt=UK_Computing_DesktopPCs&hash=item2a265cca3d

    That is best deal I could find on eBay. It's only a dual-core but this dual-core is better than any AMD cpu on the market at the moment for gaming. The FX8350 is comparable but costs about £100 more.
  5. http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/333849-10-2100-phenom-gaming

    found that when searching about im not 100% sure is the i3 gonna be better for gaming than the AMD 965? because they both sit on the same level of the hierarchy
    but thanks for finding a computer with my price range

    would i3 be more recommended than the AMD965?
  6. ryan8989 said:

    Yeah that one is about 3% faster than the 2100. Uses less power too if you care, lol.

    It says it doesn't come with an operating system though, is that an issue ?

    Also, with any OEM computer like this you gotta make sure the PSU is going to be able to handle your graphics card.
    It's probably fine though, the 6870 not that big of a hog.
  7. yes i can change the powerpack round with mine or buy a new one if needed but would you recommend this one?, windows is never a problem i got all the OS's so it's cool but i think im sure that i'll buy that one instead and thanks for your help with picking one out :) if you hadn't come across the 2100 i wouldn't have found the 3220 :)
  8. again before i make my decision would you agree with this post too?


    cause it says that if i had a 965 it would own the i3 3220 so im really stuck at a crossroad lol
  9. The thing is that if you were to OC your PII it would make it better. But I doubt the motherboard you're getting is going to let you do that. Also it is likely to have a very weak cooler. The motherboard is gonna be an OEM board with extremely limited options, probably no overclocking options.

    So if you were to build a PC from scratch yourself that would be one thing. But if you're just buying an OEM PC I would say you're probably better off with the 3220.
  10. Thanks for the advice krazy i got to find a compatible but cheapest PSU i can find cause mine has only 1 PCIE 6pin connector but i used 2 molex for another PCIE 6pin which i researched is better for me to find a PSU with 2 of them on and of decent value
  11. Whats your full budget with shipping no mail in rebates.
    What is the best local retailer can you give us a link?
  12. what would you suggest then spentshells?
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