I get this weird artifacts/flickering

It all started a month ago when i started playing World of Warcraft again. After just a while of playing like 30 minutes or so i noticed this weird artifacts coming up fast on the screen and then disappearing.

But it was always inside games etc. i could for some reason notice it when browsing the web like these black artifacts coming up just a millisecond when switching pages, but it wasn't all the time it was random, really random. But that rarely happened.

So after googleing and searching people said it could most likely be the Graphics card or the System RAM. So i checked my RAM for errors which i actually had and took out the defect one. Started playing again for about 2 weeks without any artifacts.

But now for like 2 weeks after i took out the RAM i noticed it again. This time i got it on camera which i'll link here:

My question to you, what is the problem?
is it the graphics card or could it be something else?

Thanks alot,
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  1. Forgot the rest of the comp specs.

    Computer specs:
    Intel 3570K
    Asus Radeon HD7950 DCII
    MSI Z77A-G43 Z77
    OCZ ModXStream PRO 500W

    I have also checked all the temps and my processor and graphics card are both like 30C in idle and max 50C under load.
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